Professional Member

Dues: $140

You may choose either digital access or the Print JASIST Option to also receive a hardcopy of JASIST by mail (an additional $60 fee applies).  All members have access to our Digital Library.

  • The prestigious Journal of ASIS&T (JASIST)
  • Free webinars
  • Online membership directory
  • Membership in a local chapter
  • Membership in as many Special Interest Groups as you wish
  • Discounts on all ASIS&T meetings, programs, and publications
  • Find or post a job through Career Center and the ASIS&T Placement Service
  • Voting rights
  • Eligible to hold office
  • Eligible to join the group insurance program

Retired Member

Dues: $70

Available to those who have been a member of ASIS&T for the past five years and have retired from active work. Retired members enjoy the same benefits as a regular member.

Student Member

Dues: $40

Student memberships are for individuals enrolled as full-time or part-time students and certified by their faculty advisors. There is a limit of 6 consecutive years that one may be a student member. Students enjoy the same benefits as a regular member with electronic access to our Digital Library. Students also get membership in their school’s student chapter.

Special Group Discount: Student memberships only cost $35 each when 10 or more join. Click here for details!

Transitional Professionals

Dues: $65

This membership is available to individuals who have been student members or are new and transitioning information professionals. Entry / Transitional Professionals enjoy all the benefits of regular members. Students typically upgrade the year after graduation. There is a 3 year limit to this membership.

Developing Nations

Student Dues: $20

Full and part-time students.  Student membership prerequisite: faculty advisor’s signature.

Transitional Professional Dues: $30

Recent graduates entering the job market.  There is a 3 year limit.

Professional Dues: $40

Full or part-time professionals.

Individuals who reside in a country categorized as “medium” or “low ” human development in the most recent United Nations Human Development Report ( may join ASIS&T at a discounted rate. This special membership category has 3 levels of membership and all enjoy the same benefits as a regular member with electronic access to our Digital Library.

Individual Membership Dues Waiver

Current ASIS&T members faced with a financial hardship due to unplanned interuption in employment or other circumstances beyond their control may request a waiver of up to one year of dues, allowing them to remain active members of ASIS&T while their hardship is resolved. Requests for dues waivers should be sent directly to the Executive Director at Such requests will remain confidential.

Institutional Affiliate

Dues: $650

All the benefits of regular membership, plus ASIS&T Annual Meeting Proceedings. Group rates at ASIS&T conferences, and one individual membership for a representative of the organization.

Corporate Patron

Dues: $800

All the benefits of Institutional Affiliates plus 30% discount on Annual Conference Program advertising; $5 off employees’ ASIS&T memberships; and additional group discounts on continuing education workshops.