ASIS&T Lecture Series Award

Call for Proposals

The Lecture Series Award is on hiatus for the 2019-2020 cycle.

Description of Lecture

The ASIS&T Annual Lecture is intended to promote the progress of information science and technology through one annual lecture delivered by a noted information scientist (or a person with related interests and accomplishments).

The award will be in the amount of $4,000. We anticipate that the monies would go approximately toward these expenses:

  • $1,500 towards speaker travel and lodging
  • $1,500 towards speaker honorarium
  • $1,000 towards a reception and promotion activities
  • This award will not cover indirect costs
  1. Any awardee (e.g., a school or university or other organization) has total responsibility for the administration of the lecture (i.e. establishing the date of the lecture, arranging facilities and catering arrangements, budget management, travel reimbursement, promotion of the lecture, etc.)
  2. Each year, ASIS&T will fund the sum of $4,000 to any selected organization that presents an ASIS&T Annual Lecture Program. The funds are available to the organization for expenses incurred for the administration of the lecture. Applications are welcome from outside North America.
  3. Each applicant is required to submit a formal proposal (of one to three pages in length, addressing the criteria below) for funding of an ASIS&T Lecture. This request must be submitted by August 31 for events planned for the following year (i.e., January through December). The proposal should be submitted electronically and be addressed to:
    Lydia Middleton, Executive Director
    Association for Information Science and Technology
    8555 16th Street, Suite 850, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910, USA
    Tel. 301-495-0900 / Fax: 301-495-0810 / e-mail: Lydia Middleton
  4. The awardee will be notified following the end of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. The awardee will acknowledge ASIS&T in all promotional literature and identify the lecture as the “ASIS&T Annual Lecture.” ASIS&T will issue one check to the awardee in the full amount of the award.
  5. Awardees are required to inform the lecturer that a copy of his/her lecture will be given to ASIS&T and that it may be posted to the ASIS&T Web site after the lecture. ASIS&T would appreciate an electronic copy of the presentation (Powerpoint) and/or an electronic copy of the entire talk.
  6. The ASIS&T website will include information about upcoming lectures.
Criteria for Judging Submissions

An Annual Lecture Awards Committee will be established, consisting of three or more Past Presidents of the Society. The criteria by which the Committee will choose among applications include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. The accomplishments and reputation of the proposed lecturer.
  2. The topic of the proposed lecture, i.e., its importance and potential impact.
  3. The quality of planning for the lecture, e.g., proposed site and publicity, likely audience size, and plan for preservation and dissemination of any text or recording made of the event.
  4. Appropriateness of proposed budget.
  5. Considerations of geographic diversity, i.e., ASIS&T would like to see that the lecture moves around the world.
  6. The past history with ASIS&T of the proposing individuals and organizations, e.g., that at least one involved individual is an active member of ASIS&T.