2015 Candidate for Director-at-Large


Linnea JohnsonLinnea Johnson currently serves as Manager of Technology and adjunct faculty at the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College. She received her Master’s in Library and Information Science in 2004 from Simmons and in January 2015, she received her Master’s of Business Administration from the Simmons College School of Management, with an entrepreneurship concentration. She serves as Co-Director of the Simmons SLIS Usability Lab and has been a driving force behind the technology innovation infrastructure currently in place and thriving at Simmons SLIS. She currently serves as President of the SLIS Alumnae/i Board and has been an active member on the Board since 2010. Her research areas of interest include: technology management, social media, entrepreneurship, usability, leadership, and innovation. She has served as the faculty advisor for the Simmons ASIS&T student chapter since 2010 and in this role, has won the Student Chapter of the Year Award four times. She has served on the Membership, Leadership, and SIG-USE Planning Committees. She was named an American Library Association Emerging Leader in 2011.

Position Statement:

I joined ASIS&T as a student, and have remained active throughout my career. The last five years as faculty advisor of the Simmons ASIS&T student chapter have been among my most gratifying professional experiences. It is uniquely rewarding to witness the evolution from student to graduate to leader in our field and to have played a part in that development. To contribute to ASIS&T as a Director at Large would be an honor. I am excited about the opportunity to broaden my impact and reach.

While I am a member of other professional organizations, ASIS&T is the organization closest to my heart. While we have a burgeoning membership and are gaining ground globally, our group has a familial feel that inspires me to reach out and liaise with other members and contribute toward advancing our field.

As Director at Large, I will broaden the international reach of ASIS&T using technology, social media and grassroots efforts to interact with peers globally. I will also encourage and support our members in adopting technology to better serve their communities and constituents, underscoring the indispensability of LIS professionals.

Having devoted my career to technology in academia and with tight budgets, I have honed my entrepreneurial mindset, finding creative ways to advance technology at SLIS while remaining cutting edge, and ensuring that future LIS leaders are armed with the latest tech skills, which they can bring into the field when they graduate.