The Board of Directors of the Association for Information Science and Technology invites member input on the proposed revised Constitution & Bylaws for the association. The member comment period will be open until March 1, 2019.

The reason that ASIS&T undertook this major rewrite of our Constitution & Bylaws this year was to significantly streamline the document and remove a substantial amount of operational content from what should be strictly a policy document. The detail regarding the operation of SIGS & Chapters will now reside in the Policy Manuals of those two bodies. The language of the proposed bylaws was brought current with widely-accepted non-profit corporation bylaws terminology, to include allowing for electronic communications and voting on membership and bylaws issues. This is a wholesale rewrite of the current bylaws so we are not providing a track-changes version of the current bylaws. However, you can access the current bylaws from the link below.

  • SIG and Chapter Directors may run for Board during their year on the Board rather than being required to sit out one year before being eligible for a Director-at-Large position
  • Candidates for President-elect must have been a paid member of ASIS&T for at least 5 of the last 10 years
  • Candidates for Directors-at-Large must have been a paid member of ASIS&T for at least 3 years
  • The number of votes to make a quorum in an election or bylaws revision vote was increased to 10% of the current paid membership
  • Write-in votes will be allowed for Director-at-Large but not for President-Elect
  • The Board will engage the services of a teller to oversee the Board of Directors Elections

Here are the resources you will need in order to review and comment on these Constitution & Bylaws revisions:

Current ASIS&T Constitution & Bylaws

Proposed Revised ASIS&T Constitution & Bylaws

Feedback Form

Should you have any questions regarding these documents or how to provide feedback, please contact Lydia Middleton. All feedback will be shared with the Chair of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee upon receipt.