Seidell was one of the founders of the American Documentation Institute (predecessor of the American Society for Information Science and Technology). Promoted microfilm and developed the Seidell viewer. Instigated the Current List of Medical Literature which later became Index Medicus. According to Sewell, “Seidell’s vision was such that many of the goals he set three decades ago are still over the horizon. Though microfilm was to him a magic formula for the solution of documentation problems, he never lost sight of the ultimate purpose: to advance knowledge through the communication of ideas.” See Hirtle, Peter B. “Historical Note: Atherton Seidell and the Photoduplication of Library Material.” JASIS 40(6): 424-431 for more information about Seidell.

Awards received:

National Microfilm Association: Pioneer Medal (1961)

French Legion of Honor

Order of the Crown of Italy

Atherton Seidell Papers:

National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, Bethesda, MD (2 messenger boxes (1899-1931), includes printed materials, notes, miscellaneous papers, minutes of meetings, and research notes)