Patterson taught at: Center College 1900-01; Rose Polytechnic Institute 1901-03; Chemical Editor, Webster’s New International Dictionary 1903-07; Associate editor/editor, Chemical Abstracts 1907-14; Antioch College: Chairman Chemistry Department 1921-41; Vice-Pres. 1930-41; Emeritus prof., Antioch until 1955.

He worked on indexing organic compounds for Chemical Abstracts, leading to the development of a compound naming system. He wrote The Ring Index with Capell, listing/cataloging ring systems. He was a nomenclature pioneer at CAS. He was known for his English-German and English-French Dictionaries for Chemists as well as his column “Words about Words.” With E. J. Crane, he published A Guide to the Literature of Chemistry. Patterson helped found Chemical Abstracts.

Crane said, “He was the leading authority on the world on the nomenclature of chemistry. He…has done more to solve the problems of chemical nomenclature than anyone else. He was ever willing to help those having difficulty naming chemical substances.”

Offices held:

American Chemical Society: Chairman, Nomenclature, Spelling, and Pronunciation Founding (1911-1914)

Awards received:

American Chemical Society: Patterson Award for meritorious contributions to the field of chemical literature, especially the documentation of chemistry (1949)

Xenia Chamber of Commerce: Community Service Award (1954)

Austin Patterson Papers:

Chemical Abstracts Society, Columbus, OH (Papers are housed in an off-site facility, and have not been processed or indexed, but there are plans to collaborate with the Chemical Heritage Foundation to process and preserve the collection)