(b. 1924)

Stevens was involved with INTREX Pathfinders. His interests included: computer techniques, administration, space and building planning, and information transfer. He believed information was a natural resource and was committed to information resource sharing via a national network.

He worked at: UNC library 1951-52; Librarian, US Air-Ground Operations School in NC 1952-54; Librarian, Aeronautical Engineering, Purdue 1954-56; Asst. professor., School of Mechanical Engineering 1957-59; Director of library service, Lincoln Labs, MIT 1959-65; Director of library and publications, MIT, 1962-65; Associate Director of Intrex project 1965-72; Documentation consultant 1957-59; Executive director, SOLINET 1974. He began the series of Pathfinders.

Offices held:

Special Libraries Association: Chairman, Science and Technology Division (1965-1966)

National Commission on Libraries and Information Science: Executive Director (1972-1974)