Gull (1915-2003) was involved with federal government and special libraries.  He worked at the Library of Congress as Deputy Chief, and later Acting Chief, of the Catalog Maintenance Division, and then served as Editor-in-Chief of the Science and Technology Project.  At the Library of Congress, he was associated with theoretical and practical use of punch-card equipment.

Gull also taught as Professor of the Library School at Indiana University (1964-1967).  He served as an officer for the National Library of Medicine’s Task Force on Automation (1967-1968), and President at Gull & Associates, Inc.  He participated in the MEDLARS development.

Offices held:

ADI/ASIS&T: President (1960)

American Library Association: Counselor (1962-1965)

Special Libraries Association: Indiana Chapter President (1966-1967)