Lide won the Skolnik Award for the creation of the national standard reference database series of computer searchable numerical databases and for founding and editing the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data. He worked at: Office of Standards Reference Data, NBS: Physicist 1954-63; Chief infrared and microwave spectros section 1963-68; Director 1968-?; Editor,Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data 1972-?; His research involved: free radicals, high temperature, microwave and infrared spectroscopy, molecular structure, critical data evaluation, and molecular lasers.

Education: Carnegie-Mellon University, B.S., 1949; Harvard University, M.A., 1951, Ph.D., 1952.

Offices held:

International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry: Chairman, Communication Symbols, Terminology and Units; President, Physical Chemistry Division (1983-1987)

Rewards received:

US Department of Commerce: Silver Medal (1965); Gold Medal (1968)

National Bureau of Standards: Stratton Award (1968)

Meritorious Federal Executive: Presidential Rank Award (1986)

American Chemical Services: Skolnik Award (1988); Patterson-Crane Award (1991)