Jackson earned a degree of Bachelor in Library Science in 1938 and then a degree of Master of Arts in Library Science in 1942, both degrees from the University of Illinois. Jackson was the authority on documentation in aeronautics and automotive engineering. He administered a technical library program for NACA. He also headed the technical information section of the R & D branch of the Quartermaster General’s Office.

He worked at: Chief Librarian for General Motors’s research laboratories; Active at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio at end of WWII. Jackson is aslo an author of indexes and technical literature and papers on the role of research libraries in business and government. See Current Biography (1961):218-20 for more information. An obituary of Jackson appears at: http://www.utexas.edu/faculty/council/2003-2004/memorials/jackson/jackson.html

Offices held:

Special Libraries Association: Director (1953-1956); Vice-President (1960-1961); President (1961-1962); Cincinnati Chapter, President (1984)

Awards received:

Special Libraries Association: Hall of Fame (1985)