Crane (1889-1966) was the Editor of Chemical Abstracts from 1914-1958, the leading abstract journal in the field of science, largely due to its indexing method.  Crane published numerous articles on abstracting, indexing and documentation activities.  He changed the indexing system of Chemical Abstracts from word indexing to classified subject entry.  He developed a unified system of chemical nomenclature.  Crane was the first director of Chemical Abstracts Service 1956-1958.  He wrote A Guide to Literature of Chemistry (1927) with Austin Patterson.

Dale Baker said of Crane, “he forged the ‘key to the world’s chemical literature’… organized, along with the help of Dr. Patterson, and weld[ed] chemical information into a discipline…was devoted to bettering [scientists’] science by bettering their access to it.”  Crane started the List of Periodicals Abstracted by Chemical Abstracts in 1908 to help the user identify the complete titles of materials cited by abbreviations and to provide the user with a list of publishers and addresses for the abstracted material.

Awards received:

Society of Chemical Industry of London: Chemical Industry Medal (1937)

American Chemical Society: Priestly Medal (1951); Patterson Award (1953)

Ohio State University: Honorary Doctor of Science

Offices held:

American Chemical Society: Chairman, Committee on Nomenclature, Spelling, and Pronunciation (1914-1958)

Upper Arlington, OH: Mayor (1924)

Evan Crane Papers:

Chemical Abstracts Service Library, Columbus, OH (Papers and correspondence are housed in an off-site facility of CAS; papers have not been processed or indexed, but can be retrieved by the librarian with advance notice)