Vladutz was interested in chemical action retrieval, knowledge representation for information retrieval. He worked at: Senior research associate, head of chemical information department, All-Union Institute of Science and Technological Information, USSR Academy of Science 1956-74; Manager, Basic Research Institute of Scientific Information 1976-?.

He was interested in developing methods for encoding chemical reactions and compounds for computerized retrieval purposes, theoretical foundations for information science. He was also interested in computer representation of documents and knowledge for information retrieval purposes, phrase based methods of automatic indexing, and bibliographic coupling based associative methods of retrieval.

An article by Eugene Garfield on his reaction and similarity retrieval work appears at: http://wokinfo.com/essays/reaction-similarity-retrieval/

A detailed obituary and memorial biography appears at:http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/ci00068a002

Awards received:

American Chemical Society: Patterson-Crane Award, for meritorious contributions to the field of chemical literature, especially the documentation of chemistry (1989)