Sophar worked at Documentation Inc. and for the Jonkers Termatrex Company. He did extensive work on the copyright revision bill in the 1970’s. He authored a book on the famous Williams and Wilkins copyright case in 1970. He understood how organizations functioned and realized early that documentation was a social science. He helped settle editorial crises atAmerican Documentation and brought it back under the control of ADI. He retired from the National Agricultural Library in 1984. During World War II he was a combat intelligence officer and an aerial photographer. After the war  he worked for the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Service in the displaced persons camps in Germany. He graduated from Georgetown University in the late 1940’s.

An obituary on him in the Washington Post is at:http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/12/07/AR2007120702284.html 

View images of him from the ASIS photo gallery at:http://asis.org/gallery3/index.php/1975-Annual-Meeting-Boston-MA/Esther-Horne-and-Gerald-Sophar-1975

Offices held:

ASIS&T: President (1961)

Awards received:

ASIS&T: Watson Davis Award (1976)