Ohlman was co-developer (with H.P. Luhn) of KWIC/permutation indexing in 1957-58, which was done in parallel to Luhn’s work. He wrote programmed texts to teach computer simulation language. He also developed a system to compare diverse information systems (activity spectrum). His professional interests included: analysis, design, evaluation of information systems.

Ohlman worked at: Battelle 1955-57; SDC 1957-60; Lockheed 1960-61; IBM 1961-62; Itek 1963-64; Xerox 1964-67; Cemrel 1967-69. He was also a consultant in information science and technology 1969-?. He wrote programmed texts to teach computer simulation language 1962. He organized and directed programs in computers in education, 1968. Additional biographical information about Ohlman may be found in the following article: Robert V. Williams (2010), Hans Peter Luhn and Herbert M. Ohlman: Their Roles in the Origins of Keyword-in-Context/Permutation Automatic Indexing.Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology61(4), 835-849.

Offices held:

ASIS&T: Chairman, Special Group on Education for Information Science (1966-1967); Chairman, Special Interest Group on Information Retention (1967)

Herbert Ohlman Papers:

Babbage Institute, University of Minnesota (some papers relating to his work at System Development Corporation may be found in the SDC archives)