Skolnik was editor: Journal of Chemical Documentation and Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Science, 1960-82? (title change 1975). He worked at: Hercules Inc.: Research chemist 1942-45; Supervisor literary research 1946-51; Manager Technical Information division 1952-80; Consultant 1980-?. He introduced notation systems: with Clow in 1964; his own 1969.

He developed a formulated index in 1958 which cited elements in alphabetical order by their symbols with carbon and hydrogen last. He was interested in chemical documentation, history of science, terpenes, heterocyclics, and azeotropy. He won the Patterson-Crane award for contributions to the field of chemical literature, especially the documentation of chemistry. A detailed memorial essay on him appears at:

Offices held:

American Chemical Society: Chairman, Division of Chemical Information (1961); Chairman, Delaware Section (1962)

Awards received:

American Chemical Society: Patterson Award (1969); Skolnik Award established and awarded to him in 1976, for his work as founder and editor of the Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Science, invention of a notation system, indexing innovator, and organizer of national symposia