Heumann worked at: Chemist, Technical Information Section, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. 1950-52; Director of the Chemical-Biological Coordination Center, National Research Council 1952-55; Researcher,Chemical Abstracts ACS, 1955-59; Director Office of Documentation, NAS 1959-66; FASEB: Assistant Executive Editor 1966-67; Executive Editor 1967-68; Director of Editorial and Information Services 1968-71; Director of Official Publication 1971-85.

His interests include research dealing with catalytic hydrogenations, furans, quinone diamines, scientific literature, chemical structure and biological activity, punched cards, mechanical aids in literature searching, international documentation, and scientific editing.

Offices held:

ASIS&T: President (1959)

American Chemical Society: Chairman, Division of Chemical Information (1960)

International Federation of Documentation: Vice President (1961-1964)

Council of Biology Editors: Secretary (1969-1974); Chairman (1976)

Awards received:

Council of Biology Editors: Award for Excellence in Science Communication (1985)