Kessler invented bibliographic coupling. He was interested in citation analysis, application of ideas management, and instruction and technology in the administration of academic libraries. He worked on the MIT Technical Information Project (TIP), an early influential online search system. Bourne and Hahn’s book on the history of online information searching credits TIP with several milestones in the development of the field. (C.P. Bourne & T.B. Hahn, A History of Online Information Services, 1963-1976, pp. 42+) He conducted studies with AIP on citation analysis for laser literature. .

Kessler was born in Odessa, Ukraine (then Russia) and earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Biochemistry at MIT and a Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University, 1948.  He worked for the former National Bureau of Standards in Washington, D.C., taught physics at Brandeis University and worked on developing radar and military guidance systems at MIT’s Radiation Laboratory and Lincoln Laboratory.

Myer Kessler Papers:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Library, Archives Division (1,000 pages, titled “A Collection of Miscellaneous Papers and Reports (1960-1970), no finding aid available)