This project was initiated by Dr. Robert V. Williams, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina. The project is funded by the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), including the Special Interest Group on Foundations and History of Information Science (SIG HFIS), and the University of South Carolina College of Library and Information Science. The objectives of the project are to locate and document the archives and personal papers of individuals and organizations (predominantly in the USA and Canada) considered significant to the history of Information Science and Technology in the 20th century. The site was originally created in 1996 and is updated on a regular basis.

  • Charles H. Stevens

    (b. 1924) Stevens was involved with INTREX Pathfinders. His interests included: computer techniques, administration, space and building planning, and information transfer. He believed information was a natural resource and was committed to information resource sharing via a national network. He worked at: UNC library 1951-52; Librarian, US Air-Ground Operations School in NC 1952-54; Librarian, Aeronautical […]
  • Roger Kent Summit

    (b. 1930) Worked at: Lockheed, DIALOG (1960-1988), Knight-Ridder (1988-1991) Summit was called “father of online systems” by Saul Herner. Lilley-Trice consider him a valuable contributor to the creation, management and expansion of DIALOG. According to Bellardo and Bourne, Summit was a major figure in the online retrieval industry. Summit foresaw the need/desire to give the […]
  • Don Swanson

    (1924-2012) Swanson was a mathematician who developed an interest in library and information science. He worked at: Research, TRW Inc. 1955-63; Dean (1963-72/1977-79), and Prof., of the Graduate Library School, Univ. of Chicago. He completed early research and development work on library catalogs. He was involved in early operations research work. For additional biographical information […]
  • Seymour Irving Taine

    (1919-2010) Taine was editor-in-chief for Index Medicus 1960-64. He was interested in indexing and technical services. He worked at: Technician, US Army Medical (Sgt.) 1943-46; Librarian, University of CA at Berkeley, Biology Library 1947-49; Cataloger, Army Medical Library 1949; Editor Current List of Medical Literature, Armed Forces Medical Library 1950-56; NLM: Chief index division 1956-60; […]
  • Fred Alonzo Tate

    (1920-1980) Tate worked at: Organic Chemistry, Information Science; Chemical Abstracts Service: Assistant director 1961-70; Associate director 1970-1974; Associate director of planning and development 1974-?; Manager, information science section, Wyeth Labs 1958-61. He was interested in data and information management systems, automated and manual information-handling systems, publishing systems for technical information, information utilization systems, and business […]
  • Vernon Dale Tate

    (1909-1989) US Naval Academy Librarian (1956-1966); Academy’s first Archivist (1967-1969) Tate was the first editor of American Documentation. He worked on microfilm technology 1950’s-1960’s (see titles of books) and helped microfilm the great documents of Western Civilization at LC. He was head of the division of photographic reproduction at National Archives. “One of the world’s […]
  • Mortimer Taube

    (1910-1965) Taube founded Documentation, Inc. (Doc Inc) in 1951-52?. Lilley-Trice quote Wilfred Lancaster (p.19): “There is little doubt that the real impetus to modern methods of information retrieval was given by Mortimer Taube…”. They say the “significant” contribution was breaking with traditional information systems such as the UDC and LC Classification System. Wilfred Lancaster considers […]
  • Robert Saxton Taylor

    (1918-2009) An Ithaca, N.Y., native, Taylor earned a bachelor’s degree in history from CornellUniversity and worked for a short stint as a sports reporter before being drafted into the U.S.Army in 1942. He became a member of the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps until returning to the United States in 1947. He enrolled in Columbia University’s […]
  • Yeram Sarkis Touloukian

    (1920-1981) At Purdue, Touloukian examined the physical properties of numerical databases. He worked at: Purdue 1944: Prof. 1947-67; Distinguished Atkins professor engineering 1967-81; Visiting professor thermodynamics, Auburn 1963-1981; Consultant to major industrial companies and US Government Director OEA; Director, Center of Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis. He was co-author and editor of Thermophysical […]
  • George E. Vladutz

    (1928-1990) Vladutz was interested in chemical action retrieval, knowledge representation for information retrieval. He worked at: Senior research associate, head of chemical information department, All-Union Institute of Science and Technological Information, USSR Academy of Science 1956-74; Manager, Basic Research Institute of Scientific Information 1976-?. He was interested in developing methods for encoding chemical reactions and […]
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