This project was initiated by Dr. Robert V. Williams, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina. The project is funded by the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), including the Special Interest Group on Foundations and History of Information Science (SIG HFIS), and the University of South Carolina College of Library and Information Science. The objectives of the project are to locate and document the archives and personal papers of individuals and organizations (predominantly in the USA and Canada) considered significant to the history of Information Science and Technology in the 20th century. The site was originally created in 1996 and is updated on a regular basis.

  • Israel A. Warheit

    (1912-1973) Warheit worked at: Librarian, Allison Library– a division of General Motors (1941-1946); Chief, library section, technical information, Atomic Energy Commission (1946-1952); also worked for IBM. He completed a pioneering study on the cost of a book. A comprehensive biographical sketch, by Gordon Randall, appears in the Supplement to the Dictionary of American Library Biography, Vol.1, pp. […]
  • Herbert S. White

    (b.1927) White believes that a special library must be efficient and its goals must support the objectives of its parent organization. He thinks that managing the boss is the most important thing a special librarian can do; therefore, the librarian must “convince the boss it is his job and in the organization’s best interests to […]
  • William Joseph Wiswesser

    (1914-1989) Wiswesser was editor of Chemical World Index Key News. He was interested in visual-aid education, chemical coding, Wiswesser line-formula notation, dimensional analysis, atomic theory, and toxicology correlations. He etablished the Chemical Notation Association (1954or55). He worked at: Research chemist, Hercules Powder Co. 1936-39; Assistant research director, Trojan Powder Co. 1939-42; Chemical engineer, Cooper Union […]
  • Harold A. Wooster

    (1919-2005) Air Force Office of Scientific Research; National Library of Medicine A detailed memorial essay is available as follows: Robert V. Williams, “Harold Abbott Wooster: A Memorial Essay.” Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, December, 2006.
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