This project was initiated by Dr. Robert V. Williams, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina. The project is funded by the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), including the Special Interest Group on Foundations and History of Information Science (SIG HFIS), and the University of South Carolina College of Library and Information Science. The objectives of the project are to locate and document the archives and personal papers of individuals and organizations (predominantly in the USA and Canada) considered significant to the history of Information Science and Technology in the 20th century. The site was originally created in 1996 and is updated on a regular basis.

  • Herman Fussler

    Fussler (1914-1997) was a pioneering librarian whose contributions to information science were wide-ranging and impactful.  He was the Head of the Manhattan Project’s library division, laying the foundation for the Atomic Energy Commission’s later information activities.  He was an associate editor of American Documentation, and wrote Photographic Reproduction for Libraries: a Study in Administrative Problems (1941).  Fussler […]
  • Eugene Garfield

    Garfield (b.1925) is associated with the discovery and pioneering of information science.  He developed Current Contents, Science Citation Index and many other indexes in the sciences. He established the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) as an international information agency. Lilley & Trice call him a “creative genius in the realm of non-conventional information systems.” Lilley-Trice […]
  • Fielding Hudson Garrison

    During his military career, Garrison (1870-1935) contributed greatly to the field of medical information science.  Garrison first worked at the Army Medical Library as a clerk in 1891, and was promoted to Assistant Librarian in 1899, then to Principal Assistant Librarian in 1912.  In 1918 he was promoted to Major in the Officers Reserve Corps, […]
  • Belver C. Griffith

    Griffith (1931-1999) taught at Drexel University from 1969-1991, and was the Director of the American Psychological Association’s project on scientific-information exchange.  He published more than 200 scientific papers and edited 2 books.  He collaborate with Dr. Henry Small in the early 1970s on the creation of a database that maps scientific research. Griffith lectured at […]
  • Cloyd Dake Gull

    Gull (1915-2003) was involved with federal government and special libraries.  He worked at the Library of Congress as Deputy Chief, and later Acting Chief, of the Catalog Maintenance Division, and then served as Editor-in-Chief of the Science and Technology Project.  At the Library of Congress, he was associated with theoretical and practical use of punch-card […]
  • Robert M. Hayes

    According to Farkas-Conn, Hayes (b. 1926) had a “lifetime influence on the field.”  Hayes taught mathematics and information science at UCLA, and served as Dean of the Library and Information Science Graduate School there.  He was an expert on systems.  Hayes co-authored with Joseph Becker Information Storage and Retrieval, the most comprehensive text in the field […]
  • Laurence Bedford Heilprin

    Heilprin (1906-1993) worked under Verner Clapp at the Council on Library Resources, as well as for Documentation, Inc. before teaching as Professor at the University of Maryland.  Throughout his career, Heilprin explored fundamental aspects of information science; he “stimulated others to do research and attempt to discover the theoretical underpinnings of information science” (Farkas-Conn).  Along […]
  • Madeline M. (Berry) Henderson

    Henderson (1922-2011) had a prolific career as a chemist and consultant.  She began her career as a chemist with DuPont (1944-1945), then worked as a researcher for C.S. Batchelder Co. (1945-1946) and a research associate for MIT (1946-1952).  She then worked for Battelle Labs as a consultant (1953-1956), then as a research analyst for the […]
  • Herman H. Henkle

    Henkle (1900-1987) spent his career in academic and special libraries.  His tenure included the Biology Library at UC-Berkeley; the Library School, University of Illinois; Director of the Library School at Simmons College; and the Library of Congress.  He culminated his career with 21 years as the Director, then Executive Director, of the John Crerar Library, […]
  • Mary Herner

    Herner (1937-1997) came to the United States in 1953, as a technical assistant science attache for the British Embassy, a position she held until 1958.  The following brief obituary appeared in the ASIS Bulletin in 1997: With her husband Saul, in 1958 she founded Herner & Co., a specialized business in the fields of information […]
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