This project was initiated by Dr. Robert V. Williams, Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina. The project is funded by the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T), including the Special Interest Group on Foundations and History of Information Science (SIG HFIS), and the University of South Carolina College of Library and Information Science. The objectives of the project are to locate and document the archives and personal papers of individuals and organizations (predominantly in the USA and Canada) considered significant to the history of Information Science and Technology in the 20th century. The site was originally created in 1996 and is updated on a regular basis.

  • Saul Herner

    Research chemist, US Army Air Corps 1945-46; Chemical reference librarian, NY Public Library 1946-48; Engineering librarian, NYU 1948-50; Chief librarian, Applied Physics Library, Johns Hopkins University 1950-53; Head librarian plant group, Atlantic Research Corp. 1953-56; Pres., Herner & Co.1956-?. An obituary of Saul Herner appeared in the Washington Post, Oct. 12, 2002, Metro Section, P. […]
  • Karl F. Heumann

    (1921-1993) Heumann worked at: Chemist, Technical Information Section, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co. 1950-52; Director of the Chemical-Biological Coordination Center, National Research Council 1952-55; Researcher,Chemical Abstracts ACS, 1955-59; Director Office of Documentation, NAS 1959-66; FASEB: Assistant Executive Editor 1966-67; Executive Editor 1967-68; Director of Editorial and Information Services 1968-71; Director of Official Publication 1971-85. His […]
  • Don Hillman

    Developed a special mechanized retrieval system at Lehigh; Creator of the Leadersmart System, the most powerful text retrieval system of its time (late 60s, early 70s); worked on early computer-based bibliographic record systems (LEADER, LEADERMART) at Lehigh University with National Science Foundation support; also did early studies on logic and linguistics; innovative online system LEADER– […]
  • Joseph Hilsenrath

    (1912-2004) Instructor Math and Physics, College of Paterson (NJ) 1939-40; Instructor, Public School in NY 1940-42; Instructor in Physics, Newark College 1942; Coordinator of graduate training, U.S. Naval Ord. Lab 1946-48; NBS: Physical Science Administrator 1948-55; Administrative Physicist 1955-60; Chief Equation, State Secretary 1960-68; Program Manager Data Systems Design 1968-?; Interested in thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties, […]
  • Marjorie M.K. Hlava

    Educated as a botanist and trained by NASA as an information engineer, Marjorie (Margie) Hlava has worked behind the scenes for most of the major information organizations. Through over 2,000 engagements at Access Innovations, she has been at the cutting edge of our technical innovations and their implementations for her entire career. She worked for […]
  • Eugene Bernard Jackson

    (1915-2003) Jackson earned a degree of Bachelor in Library Science in 1938 and then a degree of Master of Arts in Library Science in 1942, both degrees from the University of Illinois. Jackson was the authority on documentation in aeronautics and automotive engineering. He administered a technical library program for NACA. He also headed the […]
  • David Reynolds Lide, Jr.

    (b.1928) Lide won the Skolnik Award for the creation of the national standard reference database series of computer searchable numerical databases and for founding and editing the Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data. He worked at: Office of Standards Reference Data, NBS: Physicist 1954-63; Chief infrared and microwave spectros section 1963-68; Director 1968-?; Editor,Journal […]
  • Allen Kent

    (1921-2014) MIT, WRU, University of Pittsburgh (School of LIS) Concerned with free-field searching; Realized need for vocabulary control especially when dealing with automated functions; Began developing a semantic code dictionary in 1951; 1953-55 worked on the telegraph abstract; Helped establish the Mark I Information Retrieval Service (based on the WRU System) 1960; Involved in pilot […]
  • Myer Mike Kessler

    (1918-1997) Kessler invented bibliographic coupling. He was interested in citation analysis, application of ideas management, and instruction and technology in the administration of academic libraries. He worked on the MIT Technical Information Project (TIP), an early influential online search system. Bourne and Hahn’s book on the history of online information searching credits TIP with several […]
  • Frederick Gridley Kilgour

    For a brief biography and obituary see: and  For more biographical details on him see: Collected Papers of Frederick G. Kilgour, compiled by P.A. Becker and A.T. Dodson and edited by L.L. Yoakim. Dublin, OH: OCLC, 1984; 2 vols. Awards received: ASIS&T: Award of Merit (1979), for “transforming a state association of libraries into a […]
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