Larkey was concerned with approaches to problems of indexing, machine methods for information searching, indexing tools, problems of medical subject headings, and trends in medical abstracting. He received a grant from NIH to write a definitive book on Tudor medicine, 1963. He devoted much of his time to the history of medicine, especially of the Tudor and Stuart period. He was the leading authority on medical librarianship. One of his major contributions to information science was his “pioneer work on the application of machine methods to the control of medical literature” (NCAmBio).

He suggested using punched cards to solve problems of indexing medical literature, leading to the Medical Library Indexing Project (AML sponsored). Larkey directed the project. Later, he used the system of categorization of subject headings in Index Medicus. WML became one of the first medical libraries to have its serials listed on punch cards so that it could run lists by country, subject, field, language, etc; Larkey was also concerned with maintaining quality of the collection during the 1930’s and postwar years.

Offices held:

Association of Media Libraries and Archives: President (1949-1950)

National Council of Library Associations: Chairman (date n/a)

Maryland Citizen’s Committee on Public Welfare: Chairman (1950-1951)

Maryland State Board of Public Welfare: Board Member (1951-1953)

Awards received:

Association of Media Libraries and Archives: Honorary Member