Under a Senate mandate, Adams (1909-1982) began the translation program of Russian medical journals which evolved into the Federation Proceedings Translation Supplement and specialized abstracting tools. According to Frank Rogers, Adams “was probably the first to see and measure…the changing alignments of scientific fields…shifting to mission-oriented sectors.” At the National Library of Medicine (NLM), he planned a program of extramural activities. He helped outline the dissemination and distribution objectives of the MEDLARS project. He also helped arrange MEDLARS centers in foreign countries.During his last nine years with NLM, Adams was deputy director. He then transferred to the National Science Foundation in 1960 as program director for foreign science. He was instrumental in initiating PL-480 program of translations. He returned to NLM in 1961 and retired in 1969 to work for UNISIST Central Committee.

Offices held include:

D.C. Library Association: President (1947-1948)

ADI/ASIS: President (1954-1955)

Medical Library Association: President (1967-1968)

Scott Adams Papers

Library of the University of Illinois Medical Center in Chicago (oral history interviews)

History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD (Wyndham, D., Papers on the history of the National Library of Medicine. Unprocessed papers- 6 linear feet and processed papers- 2 linear feet, Accession number 581 (1964-1984); Processed papers- 3.75 linear feet and 8 volumes (1938-1982), finding guide available in the Library)

University of Illinois Archives, Urbana, IL (1920-1981; processed papers- 13 cubic feet)

Medical Library Association, Chicago, IL (Oral history interview by Carol Fenichel about medical librarianship, March 1980)