Taine was editor-in-chief for Index Medicus 1960-64. He was interested in indexing and technical services. He worked at: Technician, US Army Medical (Sgt.) 1943-46; Librarian, University of CA at Berkeley, Biology Library 1947-49; Cataloger, Army Medical Library 1949; Editor Current List of Medical Literature, Armed Forces Medical Library 1950-56; NLM: Chief index division 1956-60; Chief bibliographic services division 1960-64; Consultant, World Health Organization summer 1964; Program director, NSF 1964-65; Chief technical services branch, science and technical information division, NASA 1965-?; Project director, NLM Index Mechanization Project; Project director, Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System. See a brief biographical sketch at the National Library of Medicine site:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/news/seymour_taine_dies.html .

Offices held:

National Federation of Science Abstracting and Indexing Societies: Board of Directors (1960-1964)

International Federation for Information and Documentation (FID): US National Committee (1962-1964)

Awards received:

Eliot Award (1962)

Seymour Taine Papers:

Library of the University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, IL (Oral history interview, conducted by Carol Fenichel (1982), as part of the Medical Library Association’s oral history project)