Information and the Information Professions (Vol. I)

by Marcia Bates

Information and the Information Professions (Vol. 1)

Information” is a word that is much used and discussed, but with little agreement on its meaning. Yet it forms the professional focus and
intellectual content of numerous disciplines and professions—information science, knowledge management, social studies of information, digital humanities, biomedical informatics, library science, archival science, information systems, and many more.

In this collection of eighteen professional papers and other texts by Marcia Bates, this pivotal concept is addressed in depth, and related to the numerous professions that use the term. Disciplinary issues are addressed, including definitions of the fields, research paradigms, and the role of the doctorate in a profession

August 2016/394 pp/paperback | ISBN 978-0-9817584-1-1 | Regular Price: $18.00