Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology

The Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology is a bi-monthly news magazine packed with developments and issues affecting the field, pragmatic management reports, opinion, and news of people and events in the information science community.

April/May 2016

Volume 42, No. 4, (Size: 5.3mb)

Special Section

iSchools Around the World

by Koraljka Golub, Joacim Hansson and Lars Selden
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Overview of the iSchool Movement: An Interview with Ronald L. Larsen, iCaucus Chair
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iSchools and Africa: Trends and Developments
by Ruth Nalumaga
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The Asia-Pacific iSchools
by Sam Oh
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The European iSchools
by Michael Seadle
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The Challenge and Obstacles of Becoming an iSchool:  The Case of Zadar, Croatia
by Tatjana Aparac-Jelušic
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IA Column

Staying on Top of Your Skills
by Laura Creekmore
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RDAP Review

Strategic Planning for Research Data Services
by Kristin Briney
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Editor’s Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President’s Page
by Nadia Caidi
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Inside ASIS&T
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