August/September 2013 Volume 39, issue 6

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This Issue
August/September 2013
Vol. 39, No. 6
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Research Data Access & Preservation

RDAP13 Summit: Introduction
by Susan Wells Parham, Elizabeth Rolando and Jennifer Doty
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Partnerships Between Institutional Repositories, Domain Repositories and Publishers
by Gail Steinhart
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The Relevance of Research Data Sharing and Reuse Studies
by Nicholas M. Weber
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Tracking Citations and Altmetrics for Research Data: Challenges and Opportunities
by Stacy Konkiel
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The Research Data Alliance: Implementing the Technology, Practice and Connections of a Data Infrastructure
by Mark A. Parsons and Francine Berman
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The DCC’s Institutional Engagements: Raising Research Data Management Capacity in UK Higher Education
by Martin Donnelly
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RDAP13 Poster Session Summary
by Jennifer Doty
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Reflections on Our Future
by Douglas C. Engelbart
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Editor’s Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President’s Page
by Andrew Dillon
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Inside ASIS&T
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An Asian-Pacific ASIS&T Chapter?
by Emil Levine
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IRC 2012 Survey Report
by Mei-Mei Wu and Diane H. Sonnenwald
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Obituary: Douglas Engelbart
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