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Irene Travis

Irene Travis, Editor

Irene L. Travis, Editor
Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology

ASIS&T’s annual RDAP Summits continue to be a place where the various players in research data access and preservation can exchange ideas and experience, with the role and activities of university libraries in this arena being a major focus. This issue features nine articles related to RDAP15, held in April in Minneapolis, including summaries of panels, presentations and other related activities. Special thanks to Sara Mannheimer, Brianna Marshall and Lizzy Rolando for compiling and editing the section and to all the many contributors.

We also mark the passing of information science pioneer Claire Schultz, a president of ASIS&T when it was the American Documentation Institute. Robert Williams reviews her remarkable career and achievements in information retrieval, thesaurus construction and other areas.

The IA Column returns in this issue under the leadership of Laura Creekmore, our new associate editor for IA. Her observations on how much just a little help from an information expert could improve everyday processes dovetails nicely with the President’s Page. There, ASIS&T president Sandy Hirsh offers special thanks to and updates on the work of the Information Professionals Task Force and the ASIS&T Membership Committee, both of which are working on the important goal of bringing a broader range of information researchers and practitioners into ASIS&T or at least into collaborative relationships with us. The task force’s website will go public at the 2015 Annual Meeting. The site is in process, and you can access it at http://infoprofessionals.org/. Comments and suggestions are welcome.