February/March 2013 Volume 39, issue 3

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This Issue
February/March 2013
Vol. 39, No. 3
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Photo Montage

2012 Award Winners
Third ASIS&T Student Design Competition: The “Truthiness Challenge”
by Candy Schwartz
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ASIS&T Online Education Initiatives: Driving the Future
by Diane M. Rasmussen and Linda C. Smith
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James Cretsos Leadership Award: What ASIS&T Means to Me
by Naresh Agarwal
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SIG/SI 8th Annual Research Symposium a Success!
by Pnina Fichman and Howard Rosenbaum
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The 23rd Annual SIG/CR Classification Research Workshop: A Report
by Jonathan Furner
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The History of ASIS&T and Information Science and Technology
by Karen Miller
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Evolving and Emerging Research Methods: 2012 ASIS&T SIG/USE Symposium
by Lorri Mon and Jeanine Williamson
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From Vision to Reality: The Emerging Information Professional
by Sandra Hirsh
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ANNUAL MEETING PLENARY SPEAKER: Edward Chang: Mobile Opportunities
by Steve Hardin
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ASIS&T ANNUAL MEETING AWARD WINNERS: Award of Merit Acceptance Speech
by Michael K. Buckland
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A Career in Information Retrieval Research
by Kalervo Järvelin
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Editor’s Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President’s Page
by Andrew Dillon
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Inside ASIS&T
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IA: Slip-Sliding Away: Real World Challenges Await Us
by Thom Haller
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RDAP Review: Looking Out For the Little Guy: Small Data Curation
by Katherine Goold Akers
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