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February/March 2016

Volume 42, No. 3, (Size: 9.1mb)

Annual Meeting Coverage

Photo Montage

2015 Award Winners

Special Section

Using Technology to Transform Education: Aaron Doering Addresses Annual Meeting
by Steve Hardin
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Creating Impact: Issues, Challenges and Solutions: Sarah Morton Addresses Plenary
by Steve Hardin
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ASIS&T Annual Meeting Pre-conference Activities

SIG/CR Workshop: Conceptual Crowbars and Classification at the Crossroads: The Impact and Future of Classification Research
by Melissa Adler
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SIG/MET: Metrics 2015: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research
by Stefanie Haustein     
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SIG/SI Workshop: 11th Annual SIG-SI Research Symposium a Success!
by Pnina Fichman and Howard Rosenbaum
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SIG/USE Research Symposium: Making Research Matter: Connecting Theory and Practice
by Rebekah Willson, Devon Greyson, Gary Burnett and Lisa Given
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SIG CON Research Symposium: [Insert Title Here: Make Sure to Satisfy Titular Colonicity]
by Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Adam Worrall, Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson, Sean Goggins and Gary Burnett
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IA Column

Using IA to Increase User Awareness by Laura Creekmore
by Laura Creekmore
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RDAP Review

Is Research Reproducibility the New Data Management for Libraries?
by Cynthia R.H. Vitale
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Editor’s Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President’s Page
by Nadia Caidi
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Inside ASIS&T
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