Irene Travis

Irene L. Travis

Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology

The 2015 Annual Meeting in St. Louis, with its focus on research impact, was lively and well attended. I had a great view of the Mississippi and the Arch from my hotel room. It’s hard to think that almost everything I could see must have been under water two months later. We wish our hosts a speedy recovery.

This issue continues our coverage of the Annual Meeting with photo coverage of people, awards and events and reports on the plenary sessions and most of the pre-conference research forums, including those by the ASIS&T Special Interest Groups in Classification Research (SIG/CR), Metrics (SIG/MET), Social Informatics (SIG/SI) and Information Needs, Seeking and Use (SIG/USE). We also cover the papers presented at the SIG CON session sponsored by our largest and most distinguished Special Interest Group, SIG/CON, whose activities are dedicated to its founder, Dr. Llewellyn C. Puppybreath III.

You may already have seen the “President’s Page,” which ASIS&T is now sending to members as soon as it becomes available. In it, 2016 president Nadia Caidi reports on conferences of related societies that she has recently attended and on our common goals.

In the RDAP Review Cynthia R.H. Vitale, Washington University in St. Louis, focuses on the possible role of libraries and data repositories in supporting the reproducibility of research from the faculty of the institutions they serve, while associate editor for information architecture (IA), Laura Creekmore, in the IA Column urges IA’s to give more control and understanding back to their users.