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October/November 2014

Volume 41, No. 1


Information Policy

Information Policy:  Introduction
by Brandi Loveday-Chesley, guest editor of special section 
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Questioning Trust in the Era of Big (and Small) Data
by Kristene Unsworth
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What About Reader Privacy?
by Brandi-Loveday-Chesley

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Net Neutrality and the FCC:  An Information Policy Primer
by Karl-Rainer Blumenthal
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Cybersecurity in the Federal Government:  Failing to Maintain a Secure Cyber Infrastructure
by Christine Lino
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Addressing eHealth Literacy and the Digital Divide:  Access, Affordability and Awareness

by Grace Begany

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Buying and Selling Information
by Michael L. Gruenberg
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The ASIS&T Oral History Program:  An Interim Report
by Robert V. Williams
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In the Context of Big Data and Cloud Computing:  A Multi-Dimensional LIS
A Report from the 12th Conference on Library and Information Science Across the Taiwan Straits
by Yuelin Li and Diane H. Sonnenwald
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Ready, Engage!  Outreach for Library Data Services
by Sara Mannheimer
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Editor’s Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President’s Page
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Inside ASIS&T
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