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October/November 2015

Volume 42, No. 1, (Size: 4.2mb)

Special Section

3D Printing and Digital Fabrication Technologies in Libraries and Museums
by Moriana M. Garcia and Tod Colegrove, guest editors
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Introduction:  Considerations and Potential Impacts
by Moriana M. Garcia and Tod Colegrove
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Digital Fabrication Technology in the Library:  Where We Are and Where We Are Going
by Stephanie C. Prato and Lauren Britton
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How 3D Printers Support Teaching in Engineering, Technology and Beyond
by Amy Van Epps, Davin Huston, John Sherrill, Ann Alvar and Anna Bowen
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Library as Collaboratory:  Partnerships, Knowledge Transfer and Dialogue in Library-based 3D Services
by Kevin R. Messner
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Copyright Considerations for Providing 3D Printing Services in the Library
by Jessica R. M. Chan and Sandra Aya Enimil
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Museums and 3D Printing:   More Than a Workshop Novelty, Connecting to Collections and the Classroom
by Megan Hancock
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3D Printing in Libraries:  A View from Within the American Library Association:  Privacy, Intellectual Freedom and Ethical Policy Framework
by Barbara M. Jones
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Data-Driven Society Begins with Data-Savvy Youth
by Zorana Ercegovac
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IA Column

The Curse of Metadata
by Laura Creekmore
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RDAP Review

When Data is a Dirty Word:  A Survey to Understand Data Management Needs Across Diverse Research Disciplines
by Alicia Hofelich Mohr, Josh Bishoff, Carolyn Bishoff, Steven Braun, Christine Storino and Lisa R. Johnston
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Editor’s Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President’s Page
by Sandy Hirsh
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Inside ASIS&T
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