The Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology is ASIS&T’s primary means of maintaining regular contact with its membership regarding ASIS&T activities. This e-magazine is also a vehicle for sharing news and information regarding developments in the field of information science and technology, including policy and political developments. It publishes opinion and quality, brief, timely articles. The Bulletin’s primary audience is information science practitioners. It is not a refereed publication and does not publish research papers.


Generally, content breaks down as indicated below. However, not all categories will be represented in each issue.

Feature Articles

Usually, each issue of the Bulletin focuses on a theme or topic. Past issues have dealt with such areas as information architecture, technology developments in libraries and museums and their impact, the Semantic Web, indexing and indexing languages, standards for information description, and information seeking behavior. These special theme sections of the Bulletin have a guest editor who solicits, selects, and edits the articles. Many issues also contain other feature-length articles that have been contributed by ASIS&T members or other authors or that have been solicited by the Bulletin Editor.


Inside ASIS&T

“Inside ASIS&T,” the membership newsletter portion of the Bulletin, plays an important role in maintaining the “community” feeling of the Society, as well as providing information on its activities.


The Bulletin carries a selection of columns. Those most frequently appearing are the “President’s Page” and the Information Architecture, International, and Student columns.