How to Submit Materials, Suggestions, and Ideas

Suggestions for articles and special topic issues are encouraged and welcomed. Send suggestions directly to the Editor ( You do not have to be a member of ASIS&T to publish in the Bulletin. Articles are generally short (2,000-5,000 words) and preferably without footnotes or formulas. Articles should be written with information practitioners in mind and may discuss case studies, information technology applications, information policy, user behavior, information description or other information science topics. The Editor provides quick response to submission requests, and articles are published within a few months.

Submissions should be revisable attachments to email. RTF, Microsoft Word or other generally recognizable word-processing formats are acceptable. In order to ensure that images will be usable, even though the Bulletin is an e-magazine, they should be in separate jpeg or tiff files and should be suitable for high-resolution reproduction. Please do not incorporate images into word-processing files. More detailed guidelines are available from the Editor on request.

Important Information for All Bulletin Authors

We need your permission!

Thanks for agreeing to share your thoughts with readers of ASIS&T’s publications and services. One small item of business…

Please sign, date and return this permission slip to ASIS&T at your earliest convenience, but no later than the time of your final submission. We cannot publish your manuscript without your signed permission.

By promptly signing and returning this permission slip, you will not only help us conform to legal requirements, but you will also help us assure maximum exposure for your work.

Because we recognize your rights under U.S. copyright law as the author of the work you are submitting, we can’t go to “press” without this slip. By signing this slip, you will assure that once published your work will be out there in front of readers, both right now and well into the future.

Thanks for your cooperation in permitting us to share your work with our readers.
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Lydia S. Middleton, Publisher
Irene Travis, Editor

Highlights of our agreement: You grant ASIS&T the rights to publish your work. You retain all other rights that you have not granted to ASIS&T in this agreement and otherwise hold. You also grant ASIS&T the non-exclusive right to archive your work for posterity and provide access to it in electronic and other formats. You authorize us to provide limited reprints. The permission slip is to be filled out by a single author. For articles with multiple authors, we need signed releases from each author.

Help us spread the word: When your article has been published on the Web, we encourage you to link to it from your Website and encourage others to link to it from their sites.

If you are not linking directly to our site as you re-publish or re-use the material, please acknowledge that it was originally published in the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology with appropriate information to identify the volume, issue, date, pages (where appropriate) and the URL for the article.

Return this permission slip in time to arrive before, or at the time of, your submission.

  1. EMAIL your acceptance of the agreement to
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