Data as Intellectual Property Panel

Thursday, April 20
10:00 – 11:00 am

Description: The sharing, reuse, redistribution and production of derivatives of research data often raise intellectual property questions. Some common questions that are often raised include 1) what are the legal rights in data (i.e., trade secrets, copyright, patents rights etc.); 2) who owns these rights (i.e., data ownership versus data stewardship); 3) what are best practices on maximizing data sharing and reuse while minimizing any risks of infringing legal rights in data (i.e., Creative Commons license, institutional data policies etc)? This panel will discuss intellectual property issues related to research data sharing and reuse, as well as share experience and lend expertise in working through these issues.

Panel Lead: Renaine Julian, Florida State University
Moderator: Marina (Qianjin) Zhang, University of Iowa


  • Devin Soper, Scholarly Communications Librarian, Florida State University
  • Melanie Kowalski, Copyright and Scholarly Communications Librarian, Emory University
  • David Fearon, Data Management Consultant, JHU Data Management Services, Johns Hopkins University

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