Managing and Preserving Complex Data Panel

Wednesday, April 19
10:45 am – 12:05 pm

Description: Research data management (RDM) professionals often encounter research projects that have unique and particular challenges related to handling the documentation, storage, dissemination, and preservation of resulting data; in some cases, there may be no clear best practices or existing models. This panel takes on a range of policy and technical issues that RDM and digital preservation professionals are dealing with, such as exploring the best ways to manage and archive software and executable files, manage encumbered data, curate social platform data, navigate the provenance and terms of use for text and data mining (TDM), and develop ways to create and conserve a coherent project narrative from unique projects’ data files, documentation, and software that meets the RDM community’s emerging expectations for reproducibility and reuse.

Panel Lead: Andrew Creamer, Brown University


  • Fernando Rios, CLIR Fellow, Johns Hopkins University
  • Amanda Whitmire, Head Librarian & Bibliographer, Harold A. Miller Library, Stanford University
  • Sara Mannheimer, Data Management Librarian, Montana State University

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