Poster Session

Wednesday, April 19
Courtyard Ballroom
4:00 – 5:30 pm

  • Let Them Have DOIs: Persistent Identifiers for Digital Assets in the University of British Columbia – Eugene Barsky, Paul Joseph, & Bronwen Sprout, University of British Columbia
  • DATA LIGHTHOUSE: a service for Research Institutes to proactively engage with their researchers in the RDM space – Elena Zudilova-Seinstra & Anita de Waard, Elsevier
  • Research Data Management and Preservation Services at a Specialized Science Research Institution – Lily Troia, College of William & Mary/Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  • Implementing an Open Data Repository – Advocating for Data Curation when no one else cares – Amanda Lehman & Chad Hutchens, University of Wyoming Libraries
  • The Data Curation Network: A shared staffing model to address data curation challenges in academic libraries – Lisa Johnston, Jake Carlson, Cynthia Hudson Vitale, Heidi Imker, Wendy Kozlowski, & Rob Olendorf, The Data Curation Network
  • Sharing and security: using DSpace as a controlled access system – Tobin Magle, Colorado State University
  • Integration Approaches: Using Archivematica in research data management and preservation – Justin Simpson, Artefactual Systems Inc.
  • Assessment of Limitations to Effective eScience Use of GIS and Satellite Imagery Data Resources in Climate Science – Christopher A. Badurek, Drexel University
  • Data that isn’t Digital: Identifying, Preserving and Improving Access – Shannon L. Farrell & Julie Kelly, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
  • Developing Good Data Management Habits Early in Academic Life: Data Literacy Education for Undergraduate Students – Qianjin (Marina) Zhang & Dan Gall, University of Iowa Libraries
  • Development of a Best Practices for Biomedical Research Data Management MOOC – Julie Goldman, National Network of Libraries of Medicine New England Region
  • Libra Data and UVa’s Institutional Repository – Sherry Lake, University of Virginia
  • Personalized Dataset Discovery Architecture – Allison Powell, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  • Research Data Searching in SHARE – Talea Anderson, Elizabeth Bedford, Kelly Thompson, Lisa Johnston, Cynthia Hudson-Vitale; SHARE, Washington State University, University of Washington, University of Minnesota
  • The Complexities of Retractions: Data Integrity, Discovery, and Tools – Amy Riegelman & Caitlin Bakker, University of Minnesota
  • The Library’s Role in Building a Data Community – Reid Otusji & Tim Dennis, UC San Diego
  • The Trouble with Legacy Public Health Data – Steve Duckworth, Grayce Mack, & Kate Thornhill, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Evaluation of Reporting Tools to Document Data Analyses – Pete E. Pascuzzi, Purdue University

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