Report--80th Anniversary Advisory Group

Committee Report for the 80th Anniversary Advisory Group
  • Chair:  Kathryn La Barre, University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign



    • The ASIS&T 80th Anniversary Advisory Group is charged with providing content on the history of IS and ASIS&T for events, presentations, etc. at the 2017 Annual Meeting and to celebrate ASIS&T’s 80th Anniversary, webinars and other events throughout the anniversary year, promotions, etc. The Advisory Group will work with the 2017 AM Co-Chairs Sanda Erdelez and Naresh Agarwal to provide content for sessions for a keynote, interactive activities at the AM, etc. and for identifying possible sponsors and funders for anniversary events and sharing with the ASIS&T Executive Director and President, who will follow up with the contacts, if necessary. The Advisory Group also will work with the ASIS&T Staff and Board to organize, provide content, and promote events throughout the anniversary year.
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