Report--International Relations Committee

Committee Report for the International Relations Committee
  • The International Relations Committee shall advise the Board of Directors and shall represent the Society’s interest in matters related to international cooperation and programs in the field of information science and technology, information services and policies. It shall actively seek avenues to increase ASIS&T’s international presence through appropriate initiatives from ASIS&T, participation in international cooperative efforts and collaboration with societies active in the broad field of library and information science.  It shall advise the Membership committee on activities to increase international membership, including opportunities for establishing international chapters and student chapters.  The international liaison persons appointed by the President in consultation with the Chair to promote ASIS&T presence in particular countries or regions shall report to the committee.  The Executive Director shall seek the committee’s advice and support in dealing with any matter related to international activities. The President, Executive Director and Committee shall cooperate in dealing with all proposed initiatives or activities. The committee shall maintain regular contact with the Membership committee, Chapter Assembly advisory committee and the SIG Cabinet Steering committee, through designated liaison persons. All committees, chapters and SIGs will be welcome to appoint a liaison person to the committee.

    Co-Chair:  Mega Subramaniam, University of Maryland
    Co-Chair:  Natalie Pang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Board Liaison:  Dania Bilal, University of Tennessee



    • The committee will develop recommendations for the board and for the membership committee on ways to increase international membership (academic, student and professional). These recommendations may be specific to particular regions of the world. Due March 2017. 
    • It shall advise other committees, chapters and special interest groups on ways to increase the involvement and representation of international members in ASIS&T programs, awareness of ASIS&T’s international members and activities, awareness of international activities among ASIS&T members.  Due Ongoing.
    • It shall submit to the ASIS&T Board an annual work plan identifying the specific activities and collaborative ventures to be carried out during the forthcoming fiscal year. The financial risk assessment of the proposed activities and their other financial implications should have been duly approved beforehand in accordance with the procedures in place.  Due December 2016.

    Upon approval of the work plan, the Chair shall be authorized to take required actions for implementing the plan on behalf of the Board. Progress reports should be submitted for Board’s information at each of its meetings and regular liaison should be maintained with the President and Executive Director.   Due Ongoing.

    • Review web content of ASIS&T website to ensure that it is appropriate for our international members (e.g., currently the map for Chapters only shows USA chapters).   Due March 2017.
    • Seek out opportunities to help ensure the AM 2017 success, e.g., apply for co-funding from various organizations, help plan joint activities with European organizations, etc., and make recommendations to the Board. Due July 2017.
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