Report--Knowledge Management Task Force

Committee Report for the Knowledge Management Task Force
  • Co-Chair: June Abbas, University of Oklahoma
    Co-Chair: Heather Pfeiffer
    Board Liaison: June Abbas, University of Oklahoma



    • This Task Force is charged with examining and making actionable recommendations aimed at improving the society's current institutional knowledge and knowledge management practices (Board, HQ, SIGs and Chapters, past, current Presidents, etc.).
    • This TF will clarify the organizational and governance structure of ASIS&T, and develop processes, practices, and mechanisms for capturing the institutional knowledge of the ASIS&T community, including formalizing the capture process and best practices in officer manuals, adding data management provisions to the work of officers, defining and building continuity structures into every leadership structure, capturing HQ staff members’ tacit knowledge and engaging in succession planning strategies.
    • The TF will implement processes and practices to preserve the institutional knowledge of the ASIS&T community (which may include recommending the hire of a dedicated staff person with KM responsibilities, and conducting a usability study on the new archive after the information is migrated to the new archive).
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