Report--Nominations Committee

Committee Report for the Nominations Committee
  • The Nominations Committee shall consist of five members, including the Past President, who shall be Chair. The four other members shall not be members of the Board of Directors. At the meeting of the Chapter Assembly and the SIG Cabinet which take place during the annual conference, each body shall designate one member of ASIS&T to serve as a members of the Nominations Committee for the next election. The remaining two members shall be chosen by the Chair of the Committee. Should the office of Past President become vacant, the President shall appoint as Chair that member who has served the longest as a member of the Board, or if there be two or more Directors of equal length of service, then the President shall designate one of them as Chair. If, at the time the committee meets, the designee of the Assembly or Cabinet is not able to serve, a substitute for the vacancy shall be made by the presiding officer of the Assembly or Cabinet whose designee is unable to serve.

    Chair:  Nadia Caidi, University of Toronto, Immediate Past President



    • Submit slate of officers for election as follows: two candidates for President-Elect, four candidates for Directors-at-Large, and two candidates for Treasurer if that position in coming open in any year. Due April 30, 2017.
    • Ensure that all candidates for nominated offices meet the qualifications of those offices, fully understand the responsibilities and level of commitment required of those offices, and represent the diversity of the information professions. Due April 30, 2017.
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