2015 Candidate for President-Elect


Sanda ErdelezSanda Erdelez is a Professor and Program Chair at the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, University of Missouri (MU). She was the Associate Director for Education at MU Informatics Institute and the founding director of the MU Information Experience Laboratory. She also had a prior academic appointment at The University of Texas at Austin.  Sanda holds a Bachelors of Law and a Masters of Law degree from University of Osijek, Croatia and received a PhD in Information Transfer from Syracuse University, while on a Fulbright scholarship. Her research focuses on human information behavior and usability evaluation of information systems.  Since joining ASIS&T in 1988 she actively contributed as a member of several annual meeting program committees, AM track chair and mentor for Future ASIS&T Leaders. She has been an active member of SIG USE since its formation and has served as its Chair, research symposium organizer, and Treasurer.  Sanda regularly reviews for JASIS&T and is as a faculty co-mentor for the ASIS&T student chapter at MU. Presently she is a member of the ASIS&T Board of Directors and the Board’s liaison with the Membership Committee.

Position Statement:

As an association of information researchers and professionals we have been historically focused on advancing knowledge about information and information technologies. During the last few years, ASIS&T rebranded itself and made progress in several important initiatives: expanding its scope as an international organization, incorporating social media in its communication, and using the membership input to shape its activities and web presence.

As President I will continue to:

  • Grow ASIS&T as an international organization;
  • Expand ongoing conversations with SIGs and all categories of membership (especially students, junior academics and practitioners) to better understand and serve their unique needs; and
  • Systematically evaluate and report on progress we achieved towards reaching our strategic goals and objectives, in order to grow successes and improve.

As ASIS&T continues to change we should:

  • Demonstrate how synergy of our theories, research and services can contribute to the resolution of pressing problems in the lives of individuals, communities and the society at large;
  • Cross-connect our research themes, align them with critical target areas of engagement (for example, environment, health, social justice) and develop partnerships with domain experts;
  • Allocate organizational resources for programmatic activities that support exchange of ideas and project collaboration in these areas; and
  • Inspire and engage all the members to create a visible impact as we strive to become the premier global organization for information and technology.

Towards these goals, I will lead ASIS&T with my enthusiasm, innovative thinking, capacity to navigate change, and commitment to shared decision-making.