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2022 Information Science Summit

Friday, October 28, 2022, 9:00 AM-5:00 PM EDT

Wyndham Grand Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

"Innovation and Trends in Information Science - Practice, Research, and LIS Education"

Join us for the inaugural in-person/virtual Information Science Summit entitled, Innovation and Trends in Information Science - Practice, Research, and LIS Education taking place on Friday October 28, 2022 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT at the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown Hotel.

The Summit is co-hosted by three organizations - ASIS&T, ALISE, iSchools Organization, and sponsored by SLA along with the SJSU, Simmons, and Syracuse iSchools. There are no more in-person spaces open, but you can still register and attend virtually, Registration for virtual attendees will be $100.00 for regular members and $50 for students.

The program will include welcoming remarks from Dr. Naresh Agarwal, ASIS&T President; Rong Tang, ALISE President; Dr. Sanda Erdelez, iSchools Organization Chair; and Catherine Lavallee-Welch , SLA President; followed by keynote addresses from Camille Mathieu, Knowledge Management Program Manager at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and JonLuc Christensen, Records & Archives Group Lead, FOIA Liaison, and Information/Configuration Management Engineering.


  • Naresh Agarwal, ASIST President
  • Lisa O'Connor, ALISE President
  • Sanda Erdelez, Chair, iSchools Organization
  • Catherine Lavallee-Welch , SLA President
  • Camille Mathieu, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)
  • Rong Tang, Simmons University
  • Elaine Martin, Countway Library, Harvard University
  • Steve Sawyer, JASIST Editor
  • Jon Clay, Trend Micro
  • Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca, SJSU School of Information
  • Vincent Chiang, TikTok
  • Aspen Omsted, Simmons University
  • John MacLeod, XR Libraries
  • Timothy Collins, Varjo
  • Jeremy Nelson, XR Initiative, University of Michigan
  • Microsoft HoloLens Research Team Member
  • Catherine Dumas, Simmons University
  • Chirag Shah, University of Washington
  • Omer Shapira, Nvidia
  • Anthony Chow, SJSU iSchool
  • Noah Glaser, University of Missouri
  • Souvick Ghosh, SJSU iSchool
  • JonLuc Christensen, Records & Archives Group Lead, FOIA Liaison, and Information /  Configuration Management Engineering
  • Darra Hofman, SJSU iSchool
  • Mega Subramaniam, University of Maryland
  • Michele Villagran, SJSU iSchool
  • Meghan Harper, Kent State
  • Aisha Johnson, Georgia Tech Library
  • Deborah Hicks, SJSU
  • Joel Chan, University of Maryland
  • Gary Marchionini, UNC, Chapel Hil
  • Michael Seadle, Berlin School of Library and Information Science
  • Abebe Rorissa, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Vivek Singh, Associate Professor, Rutgers School of Communication and Information

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