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ASIS&T Annual Meeting Job Placement Service

The ASIS&T Annual Meeting serves as a connection point between individuals seeking employment opportunities and institutions seeking to fill positions. Whether it's in person or virtually, we can help you connect with your future employer or employee, academic home or faculty member.

ASIS&T will collect CVs of prospective candidates and job postings of prospective employers and make them available for review six weeks before the meeting. Employers will then have the opportunity to review CVs and schedule interviews with the prospective candidates. These interviews can be held on site at the Annual Meeting in a space set aside for that purpose, or employers can schedule virtual interviews at any time.

In addition, ASIS&T will provide a board where job postings may be posted on-site and a binder of candidate CVs available in the interview rooms for last-minute connections.

There is no cost for this service. However, the institutional representative and the candidate must both be registered attendees of the Annual Meeting.

For more information contact Lydia Middleton.


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