Annual Meeting Registration Instructions

Note: ASIS&T members save up to 30% off non-member meeting registration rates! If you are not a member, please consider ASIS&T membership to take advantage of the many benefits and services ASIS&T has to offer. If you previously were a member, go to to reactivate your membership. If you are interested in becoming a member, visit to find the appropriate application. 


ASIS&T is employing a new meeting registration this year which requires a different process than we have used in the past. The new system is tied to the membership database so if you are a member of ASIS&T, the system will recognize you and give you the member discount once you select your registration event(s). If you were a member but your membership is currently lapsed, you will get the non-member rates without discount. Please contact if you believe you are a current member but the system does not recognize your name and email address or if you wish to renew to register.


  • Click here: Register (or select the link below) 
  • Scroll down to Step 1.
  • You will be asked for your email address, first and last name. I you are a member, please use the email address associated with your ASIS&T membership and select “Search.” If you are not sure which email address is associated with your account, please email DO NOT CLICK “LOGIN NOW”.

  • If you are not a member of ASIS&T, enter your preferred first name, last name and email address and proceed to Step 2.

  • Navigate to Step 2. Here you will select the type(s) of registration you’re interested in. The rate shown is the non-member rate. If you are logged into the system, a discount will be applied to the rate when you proceed to the next step.
  • Note: You will not see the discount for your registration type until you proceed to Step 3.

  • Navigate to Step 3.  Please enter all required information. You will be asked to do this for each event for which you register. Again, we recognize this is cumbersome but this is a system requirement we have not been able to circumvent.

  • Navigate to Step 4.  If you registered for the full meeting you may purchase a guest package.  Please update the quantity if you choose to purchase a guest package.

  • Navigate to Step 5. If applicable, please insert a promocode.  Otherwise you may skip this step.

* All member discounts will be applied automatically to rates prior to checkout.

  • Navigate to Step 6. Please enter the credit card billing information and select “Pay Now”.

Thank you for registering for the 2019 ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

We recommend opening the link below in a new window: