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Europe / Africa Time Zone Schedule

Access to conference recordings available by clicking on the title of each session. Recordings are available for free to all member meeting registrants. Access to the recordings of the full meeting can be purchased for $25 HERE.

Say Hello, Welcome and Introductions

Regional Planning Co-Chairs: Anna Maria Tammaro, Italy & Agnes Mainka, Germany

Keynote Address

Information Behavior as Research Lens for Life: Our Challenges, Joys, and Opportunities | Ina Fourie, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Coffee Break & Networking

Coffee Break & Networking

Keynote Address

A Relational Information Science? For Networking, Sharing and Learning | Isto Huvila, Uppsala University, Sweden

Lunch Break & Networking

Program Organizer Panel

Have your lunch and enjoy the panel discussion from the committee members - participants may join the conversation, add thoughts in the chat, raise your hand, or just listen while having your lunch.

Coffee Break & Networking

Panel Session: Creating Connections for Enhancing Collaborative and Professional Development: Opportunities and Challenges | Sheila Webber (Session Chair), University of Sheffield, UK; Imane Hilal, School of information Sciences, Rabat, Morocco; Sophie Rutter, University of Sheffield, UK; Grace Msoffe, University of Dodoma,Tanzania

In this panel the chairs (Hilal and Webber) and chairs-elect (Msoffe and Rutter) of the Africa and the ASIS&T European Chapters will share their experience of creating connections across disciplinary, physical, cultural, linguistic,and virtual boundaries, and identifying opportunities and challenges. They will also solicit ideas from participants for future collaborations between Chapters.

Closing Remarks

  • ASIS&T President, Naresh Agarwal, USA
  • Dirk Lewandowski, ASIS&T 2022 Annual Meeting Planning Committee Chair, Germany
  • 24-Hour Conference Planning Committee Chair: Blessing Mawarie, South Africa
  • Regional Planning Co-Chairs: Anna Maria Tammaro, Italy & Agnes Mainka, Germany