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Online Quiz Contest

An event of the ASIS&T 24-Hour Global Conference

ASIS&T brings opportunities of online quiz contest to win Exciting Prizes. The Asia/Pacific Region of the 24-Hour Global Conference is instituting an Online Quiz Contest with the objective of promoting awareness about the ASIS&T. The Conference seeks to incentivize the diffusion of ASIS&T’s activities among its members and non-members around the globe. However, this quiz contest calls for attention to early-career professionals (youngsters) for taking interest to know more about the Association through this charming event.

Who can participate: The planning committee solicits participation to this quiz contest available for both ASIS&T members and non-members. All contestants should register as a delegate to attend the Conference. As such, this quiz contest is open to all the registered delegates of the Conference (irrespective of the regions). However, the organizing members of the 24-Hour Global Conference are not eligible to appear in this quiz contest (to avoid conflicts-of-interest). While non-members are eligible to participate in the contest, only members are eligible to receive prizes. The value of the prize may be applied to membership in ASIS&T should a fee be required.

Prizes to Win: A maximum of three contestants can be considered for the prizes based on their individual score with a minimum time. The winner of the contest (highest scorer submitted first) will receive an amount of US-$100 (Hundred only) and another two runners will receive US-$50 (Fifty only) each. The names of the winners will be announced after Panel discussion of this Regional Chapter as well as on the Conference page of the ASIS&T website.

How to join?: The registered delegates from any region can join the Quiz Contest at the scheduled time using the same Zoom Link of the Conference. During the Conference, the moderator will announce to participate in the quiz competition by signing into the Zoom through registered name and email only. Joining the Quiz Room signifies the acceptance of all the terms and conditions outlined for the Contest. Circulation and publicity of the Quiz Contest is essential to attract the non-member youngsters.

Procedure: After joining the quiz room at the scheduled time, instructions for the Quiz Contest will be displayed and pronounced. Subsequently, the quizzes (via zoom polls) will be started with a maximum of 20 single-choice type questions (mostly relating to the ASIS&T). A time limit of 10 minutes can be given to submit the polls (30 seconds for each question). Final submission of the quizzes (by clicking on the submit button) is mandatory before the time ends; otherwise, given answers will not be recorded. Eventually, the names of the top three contestants (having the maximum score with a minimum time for submission) will be announced for the prizes.