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Friday, November 6
8:30-12:30So, Who's Managing All That Organizational Information Anyway? (SIG/MGT)
9:00-5:00Knowledge Audits: A-Z (SIG/KM)
Saturday, November 7
8:00-12:3011th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium: The Impacts of Social Informatics Research (SIG/SI)
8:30-12:30Conceptual Crowbars and Classifications at the Crossroads: The Impact and Future of Classification Research (SIG/CR)
9:00-5:00Metrics 2015: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG/MET)
1:30-6:30Information Visualization Workshop (SIG/VIS)
1:30-6:3015th Annual SIG/USE Symposium: Making Research Matter: Connecting Theory and Practice (SIG/USE)
5:00-7:00Happy Hour: Knowledge Sharing and Hoarding, Sponsored by SIG/KM
Sunday, November 8
8:30Chapter Assembly
10:00SIG Cabinet
10:30Student Design Competition Organizing Session
NoonNew Member/First Conference Brunch
1:00PLENARY SESSION: Aaron Doering
3:30Visualizing Information Worldwide (SIGs/III, HFIS & VIS)How Can Information Science Contribute to Alzheimer's Disease Research?Information and Social Good (Papers)Information Technology Adoption (Papers)
5:30ASIS&T Leadership Program
7:00Welcome Reception/SIG Rush
8:30Student Reception
Monday, November 9
8:00Breaking Traditional Barriers: Collaboration, Impact, and Information Technology in the Humanities (SIGs/AH & VIS)Information Seeking and Beyond: Impacts of Studying Different Forms of Information BehaviorLibraries (Papers)Information Retrieval (Papers)
10:30PLENARY SESSION: Sarah Morton
1:30Envisioning How Fair Use and Fair Dealing Might Best Facilitate Scholarships (SIGs/IEP & III)Self-Presentaton in Academia Today: From Peer-Reviewed Publications to Social Media (SIG/MET)Information Ethics & Policy (Papers)Infometrics (Papers)
3:30Standing Out in the Academic LIS Job Market: An Interactive Panel for Doctoral Students (SIG/ED)If You Build It, Will They Come? Using Knowledge Organization Systems Available as Linked Open DataInformation Seeking (Papers)Social Media User-Generated Content (Papers)
6:30President's Reception Featuring Posters
8:00International Reception
Tuesday, November 10
8:30Impact-Driven Work: Tearing Down the Firewalls Between Research and Practice (SIGs/KM & IEP)Education in the Cyberlearning Era: New Challenges, Opportunities and ApplicationsInformation Privacy (Papers)Health Informatics (Papers)
10:30Making an Impact Through Experiential LearningEmerging Trends in the Use and Adoption of of E-participation Around the World (SIGs/III & IEP)Digital Youth (Papers)Information Practice (Papers)Student Design Competition
NoonAnnual Awards Luncheon
1:30Authorship, Patents, Citations, Acknowledgements, Tweets, Reader Counts and the Multifaceted Reward System of ScienceThe Right to be Forgotten (SIGs/III & IEP)Knowledge Management in LIS Education: Bridging Research and Practice (SIGs/KM & ED)Award Winning Papers
3:30Cultural Diversity in LIS Research: National and International Communities as Context (SIGs/KM & IEP)Envisioning Our Information Future and How to Educate for It: A Community ConversationLibrary Assessment and Data Analytics in the Big Data Era: Practice and Policies (SIGs/IEP & SI)Information Behavior (Papers)Doctoral Seminar (by invitation only)
5:30ASIS&T Annual Business Meeting
6:30Alumni Reception