2016 ASIS&T Annual Meeting Program

Program-at-a-Glance (pdf)
Friday, October 14
8:30-12:30Physical Samples, Digital Collections
9:00-17:00Metrics 2016: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Research (SIG/MET)
14:00-17:00Theory Development Within the Information Sciences
15:00-17:00Migrant and Refugee Information Studies (MARIs) Network
Saturday, October 15
8:30-12:45The Social Informatics of Work and Play (SIG/SI)
8:30-12:30Visual Research Methods Workshop (SIG/VIS)
13:00Budget & Finance Committee Meeting
13:30-18:00Information Behavior in Workplaces (SIG/USE)
14:00FY2016 Board of Directors Meeting
17:00-19:00Women Leaders of the Information Field Happy Hour
Sunday, October 16
7:30-8:30New Leaders Coffee (Lake Garda room)
8:30-10:00SIG Cabinet
10:30-11:30Chapter Assembly
10:30-11:30Student Design Competition Organizing Session
12:00-13:00New Member/First Conference Brunch
13:00-15:00PLENARY SESSION: Greg Welch, Bridging the Telepresence Valley
15:30-17:00Information and Scholarly Association (Papers)Tomato Tomahto: European Perspectives on Information Science (SIG/HFIS) (EUChap)Open Innovation in Smart Cities: Civic Participation and Co-creation of Public Services (EUChap)Health Information Behavior (Papers)Data Reuse Behavior (Papers)
17:30-19:00ASIS&T Leadership Program: Building and Cultivating Your Mentoring Network
17:30-19:00Publish or Perish: Meet the EditorsLife After Tenure: Professional Development Strategies for Mid-Career FacultyUntangling Data Sharing and Reuse in Social SciencesQualitative Methods for Studying Health Information Behaviors
19:00-20:30Welcome Reception/SIG Rush
20:30-21:30Student Reception
Monday, October 17
SIG Planning Sessions as Scheduled by SIGs and SIG Cabinet Director
8:30-10:00Diversity and Multiculturalism of LIS EducationThe Science of Queries (Papers)Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval: Creating Knowledge Through Research Synergies (SIG/MET)Research Knowledge Structures and Practices (Papers)A Right to Read for Machines: Assessing a Black-Box Analysis Exception for Data Mining
10:30PLENARY SESSION: Markus Bundschus, Text Data Mining Meets Biomedical Research
12:00-13:30Diversity & Inclusion Luncheon
12:00-13:30Committee Meetings: Membership, Awards and Honors, International Relations, Publications
13:30-15:00Dismantling Information Poverty in Cultural Production for Young PeopleSearching for Relevance (Papers)The Last Frontier in Open Science: Will Open Peer Review Transform Scientific and Scholarly Publishing? (SIG/MET)Social Informatics of Data Norms (SIGs/SI & STI)Digital Data Curation (Papers)
15:30-17:00Supporting Inclusion (Papers)How Is Image Seeking and Use Studied: Theoretical Models and Research Methods (SIGs/VIS, AH & DL)Global/Local Knowledge Organization: Contexts and Questions (SIG/CR)Digital Sociology and Information Science ResearchNew Data Analytics Methods (Papers)
17:00-18:30Committee Meetings: Leadership Development, Education, Nominations, Constitution and Bylaws, Standards, AM2016/2017
18:30-20:00President's Reception Featuring Posters
20:00-22:00International Reception
Tuesday, October 18
SIG Planning Sessions as Scheduled by SIGs and SIG Cabinet Director
7:30-8:30Early Career Coffee (Lake Garda room)
8:00-9:30JASIST Advisory Board Meeting
8:30-10:00Archival Interventions: Anti-violence and Social Justice Work in Colonial ContextsInformation Literacy: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and PracticeCultural Information Behavior (Papers)Socio-Technical Design (Papers)Crowdsourcing Approaches for Knowledge Organization Systems: Crowd Collaboration or Crowd Work? (SIG/CR)
10:30-12:00Preserving Intangible Heritage: Defining a Research AgendaReading – New Methods, New Understanding (Papers)New Takes on Information Behavior (Papers)Research Perspectives on Serendipity and Information EncounteringMaking Research Data Possible (EUChap)Student Design Competition
12:00-13:30Annual Awards Luncheon
13:30-15:00Digital Liaisons Virtual Uncommons: Creating Knowledge, Enhancing Lives via Digital Libraries (SIG/DL)Spanning Languages and Culture (Papers)Information Practices in Communities (Papers)Experiencing Political Information (Papers)Information Work in Information Science Research and Practice (EUChap)Student and JASIST Award Winning Papers and Doctoral Colloquium
15:30-17:00ALISE/ASIS&T Joint Presidential Session on AccreditationLearning and Information (Papers)The Science of Games (Papers)Ethical Tensions in Research: The Influence of Metatheoretical Orientation on Research EthicsInformation Practices Meet Lifelogging Technologies: Towards a Successful Multimethod Research Framework
17:00-19:00ASIS&T Annual Business Meeting
18:30-20:00University Reception
20:00-22:00SIG CON
Wednesday, October 19
7:30-10:30FY2016 Board of Directors Meeting
10:30-13:30FY2017 Board of Directors Meeting